Evans Capacitor


 Evans Capacitor Company designs and manufactures EVANSCAPS…the most power dense capacitors in the world. EVANSCAPS provide maximum power in a ruggedized, hermetic tantalum package. In a world of limited space and weight, EVANSCAPS provide high capacitance, low ESR and excellent heat transfer, while minimizing weight and volume. Each individual EVANSCAP that is built undergoes over 48 hours of extensive testing which has given it its unmatched reputation for quality and reliability.

Evans Capacitor Company is a direct supplier to all Tier 1 defense contractors and can be found in a variety of radar, laser, aviation, and aerospace applications. ITAR Registered and AS9100/ISO2001 Certified, Evans Capacitor Company is ready to meet the needs of your most demanding applications.

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Website: http://www.evanscap.com