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November 28 - 30, 2018
Washington, DC

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Integrated Air & Missile Defense Event Guide

As 1 of the 6 modernization priorities outlined by General Milley, the Integrated Air & Missile Defense event, taking place November 28 - 30 in Washington, D.C. will facilitate the conversation towards gaining competitive advantage against emerging threats, competitors, and adversaries. D ...

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Past Attendee Snapshot

Take a look at last year's attendee snapshot to see which experts were onsite last year.

Exclusive Content

FY 2019 Budget Requests: Combatting the Multi-Domain Challenge

Ahead of the Integrated Air and Missile Defense Summit, running November 28-30th in Washington, D.C. the Missile Defense Agency has requested $9.9 billion for FY 2019 to be allocated across a variety of verticals. FY 2019's budget requests are over $2M more than the amount spent on Unmanned Systems in...

A Blast From The Past

Ahead of the 4th Annual Integrated Air and Missile Defense Summit, running November 28-30th in Washington, D.C., review some past presentations from our speakers. Featured in this e-book are presentations from Brig Gen Chance “Salty” Saltzman, BG Clement Coward, LTG (R) David Halverson, and Deputy Commanding General Tim Lawson.

Additional Content

Taking back the sky: Counter UAS

A look into the latest tech designed to down drones. Following a recent look at the miniturization of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the latest focus is on stopping them mid-flight. Integrated Air & Missile Defense programs are designed to do just this through ballistics, and end the trajectory in the...

Japan Launches New Guided Missile Destroyer Capable of Ballistic Missile Defense

Japan Marines United (JMU) Corporation is at the forefront of Air and Missile Defense change. In international Air and Missile Defense news, the Japanese Marines launched the first of two improved guided missile destroyers in the first week of August. Time will only tell how this will impact the rest of...

The Future of Directed Energy: Insight from the U.S. Army & Air Force

With insight from the U.S. Army and Air Force, this piece details Colonel Richard Haggerty and Dr. Boris Zhdanov's perspectives on how the FY 2018 budget appropriations affected directed energy (DE) programs as well as what the next steps are for 2019.

Congress urges Army fix cruise missile defense gaps

Inside Defense reports on the push from Congress to the Army to remedy cruise missile defense gaps. The Senate's original proposition evoked skepticism about the slow pace of the Army's long-term solution.The House's main proposition included looking at directed energy weapons as possible choices for the 2023 deployment.

2018 Missile Defense Agency Budget Request Highlights

A recap of the Presidential budget requests from 2018, which includes more than $9 Billion for modernization and development of our nation’s missile defenses. If you would like to have a copy sent to you directly, please email

Holdings of Japan, Israel & the U.S.A

Here are some of the holdings & requirements for Israel, Japan & the U.S.A. Many of these technologies and initiatives will be addressed at the 4th Integrated Air & Missile Defense event taking place this November.

Evaluating the Future of Missile Defense in the Asia-Pacific Region

Brigadier General Eric Sanchez Commander, 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, discusses how current and developing threats paired with demanding geography make the Asia-Pacific AOR one of the most challenging problem sets in the world, the areas of responsibility for USPACOM, mission command and support relationships, the pacific Army...

Intercepting Growing Threats: Vital Spending for IAMD

This brand new infographic details the spending in FY17 for air and missile defense. It takes a focused look at what encompasses the Missile Defense Agencies request of $7.5 billion. Showcasing new improvements to ground based interceptors, development of the redesigned kill vehicle, THAAD development efforts, and more!

Last Year's Speakers: Integrated Air and Missile Defense Speaker Lineup 2017

Meet expert speaker faculty from the 3rd Integrated Air and Missile Defense Summit!

International Global Missile Technologies Heat Map

This carefully designed heat map provides a snapshot of international global missile technologies and highlights areas of importance which were discussed at the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement's 2017 conference: Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) 2017.

Air and Missile Defence System Market Forecast 2017-2027

Are you looking for a definitive report on the $12.4bn AMDS Market? You will receive a highly granular market analysis segmented by submarket, by region and by national market, providing you with that complete industry outlook, essential for your business strategy.

IAMD System Market Forecast - SAMPLE REPORT

View a granular market analysis segmented by submarket, region and national market, providing a industry outlook, essential for your business strategy.

Top 8 Threats Facing the U.S. and Partner Nations

At a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the global threats facing the United States and its allies earlier this year, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the panel's chairman, noted the current international environment is more complex and dangerous than at any time in recent memory. Here are the top eight...

Missile Defense Requirements Grow with Cold War-Style Threat

After 20+ years focusing on global terrorism and counterinsurgency, the United States and its allies are confronting the Cold War threat of nuclear missile attack, yet again. Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis, described the worsening global security situation as “a more volatile security environment than any I have experienced during my...

Directed Energy Views from Lt. Gen Heithold & Col. Haithcock

Ahead of this year’s 4th Integrated Air and Missile Defense event, we'll review Lt. Gen Bradley Heithold's vision for the Department of Defense’s Directed Energy Roadmap. We also gain insight from COL (R) John Haithcock on the development of the Army Counter UAS Strategy and what FCoE’s plans are for...

Announcement From Art M. Loureiro, Chairman, IAMD 2017

View the official IAMD 2017 introduction letter from Col (R) Art M. Loureira, Chairman of the 3rd Integrate Air and Missile Defense Event, which took place last September in Washington D.C.