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November 28 - 30, 2018
Washington, DC

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Securing the Complex Air Domain: Requirements for Sustainable, Global, and Reliable Solutions to Next Generation Air & Missile Threats

The global security environment is changing. Proliferation and development of air and missile technologies by potential adversaries has created complex security challenges that make protecting our interests at home and abroad increasingly difficult. While the current state of defense is considered satisfactory to combat imminent threats, military and government officials agree that there is much still to be done in terms updating, developing and integrating new air and missile initiatives.

Now is a crucial point in the development of air and missile defense policy, research, and development. Leaders are deciding where to commit their focus, from updating antiquated operating systems with new centralized Battle Command Systems, to developing advanced interceptors like the Redesigned Kill Vehicle (RKV), and Multi-Object Kill Vehicle (MOKV). Large allocations of money and research are being poured into the expansion of integrated air and missile defense technology, and there is ample opportunity to shape and influence the direction of this vital defense priority.

Help contribute to updates in policy and technical design that are going through dramatic overhauls for the first time in decades, and will significantly increase the posture of national security.

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